Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Own the Sky (The Vanishing System Remix) - M83

Back right into the swing of things. This original has probably one of my favorite songs. Wether I'm listening to it in the morning while I'm waking up, while I'm out snowboarding, longboarding, or just relaxing and thinking about things. This song always seems to work and never gets boring.

M83 is an electronic group out of France, now consisting of Anthony Gonzalez and formerly Nicolas Fromageau. Gonzalez decided to drop Fromageau and now is working on his own after a distressing tour they had. M83 truly delivers some soothing music to the table., and today I happened to stumble upon an interesting mix of "We Own the Sky".

Give it a play and enjoy.

Smile Pass it on :)

We Own the Sky (The Vanishing System Remix) - M83

ClickHERE to download.

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