Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baggy Bottom Boys - Jokers Of The Scene

Ottawa's Jokers Of The Scene made the leap from party DJs to producers simply by working with what they knew best: the most mind-meltingly intense parts of dance music throughout history, from ecstatic big room house buildups to hyper-distorted electro basslines and the lighthearted samples of 90s techno, all thrown in a blender at 130 BPM. It was the sound of Bob and Doug McKenzie trading their fishing hole for a rave cave. Hoser house?!?!? Whatever you want to call it, JOTS' cheeky approach has been lighting up dancefloors worldwide for the past two years, with remixes for underground favorites like DJ Blaqstarr and Muscles and their own Fool's Gold release, the heavily imitated, tempo-switching rap snack "Y'all Know The Name."

Yet on the Jokers' follow-up Acid Bagg EP, the duo has decided to take their sound much, much deeper. "Acidrod" is a refined (though no less ravey) take on their signature club collages, meshing crowd pleasing breakbeats with subtle tech house bleeps and hypnotic synths. "Baggy Bottom Boys" is their most ambitious track to date, a multi-part rave epic that DJs from Diplo to Erol Alkan can't help but play out through every single peak and piano breakdown. And if these two massive originals weren't enough, remixes from Brodinski, Destroy Disco and Canadian dubstep upstart DZ nicely round out the EP.

Stay tuned for their next move...

Baggy Bottom Boys - Jokers Of The Scene

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