Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OHOW? - Don Rimini

First Don Rimini made all of us freak the fuck out. Then he got radical on us. Now he kicks us in the face… and runs away. You wish he kicked us just once…but with his third release, the Kick’n Run EP, Don Rimini terrorizes dancefloors. that’s the same dude who attacked fiercly with his Absolutely Rad EP and the infamous track “Let Me Back Up” which has been a fixture on dj sets by Busy P, MSTRKRFT, 2 Many DJs, Digitalism, Tiga, A-Trak, Aaron Lacrate, and Diplo among others. “Let Me Back Up” was the launch into the Don Rimini galaxy, this new release is the landing and one tremendous look at the scenery. Armed with a brilliant artwork by 123 Klan, the Don’s new record reveals the wide range of talents of Mr. Xavier Gassemann himself. And that’s Don Rimini. His producer skills got people talking, looking, and stalking, for sure. But Don Rimini is not forgetting where he came from: the turntables. That’s right, before he was a don, he was a teenager djing at raves, learning to move the crowd like Eric B and Rakim. A few years later he’s in the ghetto clubs of Paris’ 18ème arrondissement, mastering the art of spinning hiphop, understanding the hit culture, and absorbing the funk. The result is obvious and beautiful: Run-DMC, DMX, , Underground Resistance Daft Punk, and Robert Armani are names you hear when you ask Rimini about artists who influenced him.

OHOW? - Don Rimini

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